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Quotas for renewable energy

Countries have implemented different systems to encourage investments in renewables – one of these is determining quotas for companies to meet.

Hambach Forest

The Hambach Forest is a historic forest in Germany which lies ontop of a brown coal field. The energy company RWE has been fighting activists who want to stop mining there. An occupation of the forest in conjunction with court cases has so far been successful in blocking the mining there from beginning.

Flexible power production

To complement renewables, we will need power plants that can change how much energy they produce relatively quickly. To pay for such reserve generating capacity, the power market will need to be redesigned.

Grid access

Grid access refers to a generator’s physical connection to the larger electrical grid. In Germany, if you install a solar panel, you are guaranteed that it will be connected to the grid, and that whenever it is sunny your power will be sold on the grid (instead of it being pushed out by coal power).


Energy utilities are responsible for the generation and distribution of energy. In Germany, due to the energy transition, these companies have been undergoing huge changes.