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Digitalization when referring to the energy sector is about the collection and analysis of data on energy use. It can range from being able to track your power consumption online to the ‘internet of things’ where devices from toasters to thermostats communicate and interact.

Electrical grid

The electrical grid (or sometimes just “the grid”) is the network of power lines that moves electricity. In the classical grid, power stations generate electricity, which is transported to consumers.

Act on Accelerating Grid Expansion

The energy transition will need an expanded, adapted grid to cope with more renewable power. Neither has been progressing fast enough, so the German Parliament has passed the Act on Accelerating Grid Expansion. Official plans are in place, but several of the projects remain contested.

Energy security

Renewables reduce Germany’s dependency on energy imports, making Germany less vulnerable to unpredictably fluctuating prices for fossil fuels and to political influence from abroad.

Distributed energy generation

Distributed energy is when electricity is produced by a large number of small generators (solar roofs, wind turbines, etc.), as opposed to a centralized power supply based on a large power stations.