Glossary h

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  • Hambach Forest

    The Hambach Forest is a historic forest in Germany which lies ontop of a brown coal field. The energy company RWE has been fighting activists who want to stop mining there. An occupation of the forest in conjunction with court cases has so far been successful in blocking the mining there from beginning.
  • History of the German Energiewende

    Germany’s transition to renewable energy has its roots in the environmentalist movements of the 1970s. Conservation was embraced by conservatives and liberals alike, and churches were an important part of the Energiewende.
  • History of the EU Energy Union

    In the EU, an Energy Union is emerging from a bewildering array of packages, policies, projects and proposals. They map the shift from concern over how energy markets function to efforts to promote renewables and curb greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Hydropower

    Hydropower refers to generating electricity from water, usually by damming rivers.