Glossary c

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  • Carbon capture and storage (CCS)

    Often touted as “clean coal,” carbon capture and storage (CCS)  captures pollutants and CO2 for storage. The only problem is, it’s never been successful.
  • Christian Democratic Union and Christian Social Union (CDU/CSU)

    The CDU (Christian Democratic Union) and CSU (Christian Social Union) are sister parties. Together they form the CDU/CSU block of the German Parliament.
  • Role of cities in the energy transition

    When we talk about climate and energy policy it is often on the country level. But cities can (and are) advancing the transition to clean energy.
  • Coal in Germany

    To meet climate targets, Germany must reduce electricity from coal. Since the nuclear phaseout was announced coal consumption has fluctuated, rising from 2011 to 2013 but falling below the level of 2010 by 2017. For the first time ever, renewables generated more power than coal in 2018 (118 to 114 billion kilowatt hours respectively). A further reduction is needed for Germany to reach its carbon reduction targets by 2020, however.
  • German Cogeneration Act

    Germany wants to get 25 percent of its power supply from cogeneration units by 2020 because cogeneration is much more efficient than separate power and heat generation. The Cogeneration Act therefore pays bonuses for cogeneration relative to system size.